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About Us

Would you trust a 10 year old to make your wedding cake?  My mom's boss did!  Looking back now, I think they must have had a backup wedding cake in the kitchen of this catered affair! It did turn out pretty amazing if I do say so myself. 


I made several cakes and wedding cakes for friends over the years. During this time I followed the "wise" career path.  Then one day several years ago I decided to go back to doing what makes me happy.


I opened my own bakery and discovered that I was really good at baking all kinds of treats.  My heart goes into everything I bake and you can taste it. 


The best part of my day is seeing the joy in a person's eyes when they see our creation and experience the amazing flavors.  There isn't anything more satisfying than making someone's life just a little bit sweeter!

"This tiny little bakery was brought to my attention after a cake sampling at a bridal exposé. Their cake beat all the other cakes hands down! Champagne cake with lavender frosting? Yes please!!"
"I wanted a cake for dessert, and the restaurant suggested Jennifer's.  I called them, from my home state, they made my cake to order, and coordinated with the restaurant to have it delivered for me.  Not only was it one of the very best cakes I have had, they went out of their way to make my parents Anniversary very special!" 
"Jennifer created an Amazing wedding cake. So many people commented on how great it tasted. Several of us went back for seconds!"
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